We survived camping. I mean we usually do, but the other family we went with tends to throw curve balls like they all sound like they’re dying and/of have pneumonia and one of their kids is a total dick most of the time and he’s Wyatt’s age. Try not to be “those people/parents” but he tends to inflict all of the rage, all of the time. So considering that, we had a decent weekend. Now to unpacking and cleaning everything.

As he walks down the stairs…”Does someone want to ‘bat’tle with battlist Wyatt?!”

As he walks down the stairs…”Does someone want to ‘bat’tle with battlist Wyatt?!”


Wyatt’s school is highlighted in this National Journal article.

It really is a great school. So excited we are able to send Wyatt there and give him this great opportunity.


All I ever do is worry about whether or not I’m making the right and best decisions for Wyatt.

He’s missed almost an entire week of school due to being sick and all I can do it worry about pulling him out a week in November to go to Disney World.

Are we bad parents for pulling him out of school for vacation? Do we have our priorities mixed up, or am I obsessing over nothing?

Rep. Paul Wieland, R-Imperial, and his wife, Teresa, say the contraceptive benefit required by the Affordable Care Act violates their religious beliefs as Catholics and parents of three daughters.

In what may be the first court challenge of its type, they want to opt out of that coverage without giving up their state health insurance altogether and incurring a penalty under the federal law, commonly called Obamacare.

Their attorney, from the Thomas More Society, a public interest law firm based in Chicago, insisted to the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals that a family is no different from a small business whose owners have religious objections to subsidizing contraception for employees.

I don’t understand the issue?  Are they just looking for a way to deny their daughts of contraceptives should they choose to use them?

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Wyatt is still sick. It’s been over a week now with no improvement. I had viral pink eye in my left eye last week and now it is in my right eye, and Jeff started feeling bad yesterday.

Read about this virus that it putting kinds in ICU for breathing problems and I’m really freaked out.

It’s also very early in the school year for
him to miss this much, so I’m freaking out about that too :(

I made Wyatt go to school this morning. He still has a nasty cough but that’s about it. He didn’t want to go, so I kind of feel bad and really hope he has an ok day. Because if not I will be a pretty shitty mom for making him go to school, right?


Pretty sure I have viral pink eye and Wyatt has been sick since Sunday so I guess we will be spending our day lounging around and hopefully getting him in to see the dr to make sure he doesn’t have pneumonia again like last time

This is what our FaceTime conversations consist of when Jeff travels for work.

Fun on the dock. Took a whole to get May in the water but eventually she gave in and had a blast with us :)