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I’m so happy and so pissed at the same time!

I have been obsessed and freaking out about the home inspection on our Madison house this weekend, because the inspector basically made it out like all of our plumbing and electrical were failing hazards. So, I send a couple plumbers and electricians out and the inspector is a fucking idiot. She said there was a visible leak in the main plumbing stack in the house and it needed replacing, but there’s not a drop of water around and the plumber tester everything thoroughly, and basically laughed when he called me about it, and the buyers electrician said we had several hundred dollars of major repair needed on Friday, and I get 2 other electrician who call me telling me that the laundry list of repairs is BS and basically that electrician is just looking for work.  Granted there are some things that could be done a little better, and we will most likely make those minor repairs, but man I’m so relieved that none of it turned out to be a big deal, and so extremely pissed at that inspector for making me worry so much.

Now, to take a deep breath because this will most likely still close at the end of April, and we are so close to having a life resembling normalcy.

Today has been nice and much needed

My parents took Wyatt last night so we could go out with some friends. He convinced them he needs to stay another night so Jeff and I had a day to ourselves. We slept in later than normal, walked around the Cherokee Antiques Row with coffee in tow, came back home for a nap, and Jeff is sill asleep so I gave myself a facial and took an amazingly relaxing bath. All of the BS doesn’t seem to matter right now.


I feel like someone has put a hex on us or something.  We had a nice quiet litle life in Madison, and these past couple weeks have been fairly shitty.

 I’m still having issues with my transmission, we are dealing with an unreasonable buyer, and we have had issues at the new house including a roof leak where water started dripping on me while I was sleeping yesterday morning. I’m so over everything right now.  I keep trying to be optimistic and push through the BS but I’m getting to a point where that seems impossible and my efforts seem for naught

This kid…let’s just say he’s exhausting, so how is it that he gets to nap?!

This kid…let’s just say he’s exhausting, so how is it that he gets to nap?!

This kid…let’s just say he’s exhausting, so how is it that he gets to nap?!

This kid…let’s just say he’s exhausting, so how is it that he gets to nap?!

"The defense for Fundamentalists’ obsession with homosexuality is the Bible, which they claim to read literally. If this was true, they might notice the words “poor” and “poverty” appear 446 times and that “wealth” is mentioned in 1,273 verses, rarely positively. Only five or six passages discuss homosexuality, though nearly every American can recite them, hearing each one quoted so often. If Fundamentalists fought LGBTQ equality as a hobby, after fulfilling their duty to fight poverty, they might be chastised and forgiven. They’ve revealed, though, they will abandon the poor, to condemn not only gay men and women but anyone who tolerates them. In doing so they’ve denied the very faith and savior they claim to revere. Whatever religion Fundamentalism is, it isn’t Christianity, and it’s time to revoke that label. Categorizing homosexuality, not injustice, as the greatest evil is absurd and disturbing, but it reflects a whole moral system that contradicts the essence of Christian Scripture."

It’s Time to Stop Calling Fundamentalists ‘Christians’ (via azspot)


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This is me when attempting to play board games with my inlaws…:/

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Walkie Talkies

Oh man I am cracking up listening to Jeff and Wyatt play on Walkie talkies. Wyatt just said “copy that. Over.” So much adorableness.

Wyatt got a slow cooker cookbook for kids for his birthday and made his first ever cake from it today. Gooey Chocolate Pudding Cake. He was so excited and I only had to help minimally with the measuring. He’s been so excited to eat it all day.