Do you feel vulnerable? You’re not alone. Don’t miss Brené Brown’s full talk on the power of vulnerability.

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I got to see her speak live last year and she’s amazing. She gave life examples and “lessons” we’ve all heard a million times from a different perspective that made you really stop and think about things.

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My Laptop is DYING! I need a replacement.  I want something portable, and it needs to have the number keypad on the side as well. I use it for home, but I do a lot of work from home, so I’ll be running Office probably as well.  What do you recommend?

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"Shut up and go home, and maybe you can have justice"

Seems to be a common theme amoung white people on the comment section of the local newfeeds on Facebook.  Also, to me, is EXACTLY what racism is nowadays.

A person, who gets to enjoy priveledge in every aspect of life, everyday; is hatefully telling the oppressed to shut up and not be angry about an unarmed boy being killed by a police officer, and MAYBE something might happen.

Yesterday, I didn’t allow myself to read ANY comments.  It’s disgusting, and I don’t even know what to do.

"In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate."

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The lead prosecutor’s mom, dad, brother, uncle & cousin all worked for St. Louis’ Police Dept & his dad was killed by a black guy. #ConflictOfInterest

I just signed, you should too.



One of the small quibbles (among many much larger quibbles) I have with the way this is unfolding in most of the media is that Ferguson is consistently referred to as a suburb of St. Louis.

Technically this is true: it’s outside the St. Louis city limits. But culturally speaking, most people from St. Louis would probably not think of it as a suburb.  It’s part of the County, which makes it more like an outer borough (which is not something you’d ever hear a St. Louisan say—they’d just say it’s in “North County.”).

Calling Ferguson a suburb of St. Louis is kind of like calling Brooklyn a Suburb of New York.

This has been a cultural lesson for you about St. Louis. Next week: toasted ravioli.

what he said.

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i dont get offended at white people jokes even though im white because: 

  1. i can recognize white people as a whole have systemically oppressed POC in america, which is where i live 
  2. most people when they make white people jokes only mean the shitty white people and i am not a shitty white person 
  3. im not a pissbaby

my white friends that have reblogged this give me life

4. Sometimes I am a shitty white person and the jokes remind me to FUCKIN STOP

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The last words said by Black youth murdered by policemen. 

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KKK leaders headed to Sullivan, MO I am assuming to fuel the fire. This seems really bad. I feel sick right now…